Training the ordinary person to become an  #ExtraOrdinaryPerson!!!


Hey dear friend, BB Goldsmith here. Happy New Year to you!!!

2016 is going to be a great year. Claim it and receive it!!!

Let’s start the year together.


***Don’t have $1,000-$2,000 laying around to invest in private,
hourly coaching sessions with me? Not to worry…I’m offering complimentary
coaching on Tuesday, January 15, 2016. Keep reading below to find
out how you can get this exclusive coaching from me!***

First off, if you played The Lottery this year – thank you for
doing so- but did you win. Well, keep trying maybe keep this year you will make it.; that is if you believe in gambling. I hope you had as much fun winning the LOTTERY IF YOU DID. Well if you did; do you know how to deal with money, how to keep it and make more. I guess not!!

If you are like many people who know that chances of winning the lottery are very slim; it’s high time you join #TheMillionaireMaker. Today I am giving away all from

Now, I want you to take the next step & get signed up into
my next webinar in this series…

My 2016 “New Year, New You, New Commitment!” Webinar.

>>> Get details on it here

Join on me my favourite coaching videos of the entire year! Two
hours of complimentary planning and preparation directly
with me on Tuesday, January 15th from 4:00 – 6:00pm Pacific.

… This is the only webinar that gets the most people (just like
YOU) around the world on the RIGHT track from the very beginning of
a new year…

Getting a firm commitment and the right planning in place
as early in the beginning of the year as possible as it makes all the DIFFERENCE
in your preparation to succeed throughout the the year 2016:)

This is the only reason why I always offer this no-cost strategy and
planning session
 on the 2nd week of January (Jan. 15th).

On this call I’ll help you figure out:

  1. What is standing in your way of achieving your goals?
  2. Right Now, you need to stop doing a whole bunch of nothings, start doing, and continue doing… something real big is bound to happen
  3. How to make a 100% commitment, the kind that actually leads to great success
  4. How to get 100% clear on all your goals, so you can move into the RIGHT direction towards your success.
  5. How to create a SMART “quarter-by-quarter” action plan, so you
  6. Move steadily and confidently, taking small steps of the way
  7. Bonus;; I’ll be available to answer as many questions as possible…

Step up and SAY YES to Your BIGGEST YEAR of OPPORTUNITY ever!

  1. Let’s have fun doing what we do every year because it’s SO FUN!… creating a legacy for our children and children’s children

Post your commitment on my Facebook page and let us
have a raging Commitment Conversation going!
Use #2016MyYearOFChange.


BB Goldsmith, #TheMillionaireMaker, is the CEO
and Founder of Inc. A money expert, sought-after
speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and 2-time New York Times
bestselling author who is on a tireless world mission to change the
conversations and thoughts about money and empower both men, women, as
teenagers who are the leaders of tomorrow. Around the world people are making decisions to become millionaires; and with BB Goldsmith’s help they are becoming millionaires.





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