The Roller coasters of my journey!!

In December 2002, just after moving out of a women’s refugee sheltered accommodation. I was all alone with my 10 months old baby. I could not afford nappies or a drink. People back home in Zim were talking; she has forgotten us, now that she is enjoying life in the UK; not knowing, I was sinking down low in poverty, surviving on cups of tea and dry bread. I had my last £35 which I chose to sent home to feed my 3 children and 10 children from siblings who had perished from HIV and Aids. I chose to buy a loaf of bread for £1 and milk for 50p to see me through the week. From that day I realised that Christmas is just another day and there is nothing special about it!!. I had no-one to call or share my ordeal with; as you all know that when things are tough friends are few, when life is blossoming friends are many. The thought of being alone without my family, put me off celebrating Christmas. It was at Christmas eve when I had a surprise knock on my front door in Colchester. I opened the door, and there was a strange Englishman, with a box full of goodies for me. I had never met him before. Since, it was cold, I invited him into the house and I talked to him on the hall way. He told me that he had heard someone talking about me from The Salvation Army; that there is a lady with a 10 months old baby down the street, who is all alone and could do with some help. He handed over the box to me and some cash. The gentleman then told me that his name was Mr Smith a multi-millionaire who lives in countryside of Colchester UK. I could not open my mouth to thank him, but broke down and bursted into a very loud cry. He has been my best friend since that day. SO, WHEN IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME I ALWAYS REFLECT ON 24/12/02; and think of all other people who can’t afford. I need to help someone. I GIVE; NOT BECAUSE I HAVE LOADS TO GIVE; BUT BECAUSE, I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE WITHOUT!!! Inbox details of someone who is all alone and without, this Christmas. May God bless you all!!! @ Betha Bauleni thank you for being there for me in 2002 when I was at my lowest point, and Mr Sweet Smith, may God continue adding more to you!!

#IhaveBeenThere And #IknowTheFelling of #SinkingDownInPoverty!!!


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